We reached our Indiegogo goal!


We’re so happy to announce that we made our $30,000 goal and made 2,180 on top of it. Actually, donations are STILL continuing to trickle in outside of Indiegogo. Incredible. The money we just raised is about to be put to use right away. We’re buying refrigeration equipment this week, and we’re about to start looking at shelving and displays.

The money everyone has provided is letting us breathe a little easier when thinking about the next few months of work. There’s a lot to be done and we plan on keeping you up to date with the progress. Let us know if you have any suggestions for the new building. We’ll probably be sending some questions your way to ask about what you’d like to see featured in the store, what hours you prefer etc. It’s finally sinking in that this is really happening!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our campaign. We would be in a tough spot without you, and now we definitely don’t want to let you down! We can’t wait to keep sharing our progress with you.

Hansel shot a thank you video for all donors. You can watch it here

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