Hallelujah it’s Fall!


With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the crops! The summer veggies are slowly making their exit, so take advantage of them while they’re still here. We’ve been busy canning the excess – tomatoes, salsa and pesto (Have you tried our pesto yet?!). Our fall/winter crops are now in the fields. The carrots are peeking up out of the ground! We have some new heirloom carrot varieties this year from Seeds Of Change.  Also, the broccoli is freshly transplanted out of our seedling greenhouse, a total of 600 plants.

Honestly, we are a little worried about our broccoli crop. We thought we were only in for a draught this year, but it turns out, mother nature had another curve ball in her pocket, going by the name of BAGRADA BUG! These tiny insects have the capacity to take down our entire field since broccoli is their favorite snack. Healthy little buggers. Turns out they also love a good salad bar, and hit our greenhouses pretty hard earlier this year too (thus the greens shortage). Since pesticides aren’t in the game plan, we had to get a little creative. We took one greenhouse out of production and released dozens of chickens; turns out, their beaks are a far better weapon against these bugs than our hands. Anywhoo.. if you see any of these you might want to squash them. They are invasive and attacking not only ours, but lots of other farms in California.

adult bagradababybagrada






As for the new store front… the foundation is finally finished!! The base is in, walls are going up –  It’s happening!! It really hit us when the old main wall finally came down last week. We are already starting to arrange the interior options, trying to decide where each refrigerator should go and how much space everything needs. We will be busy piecing everything together, and will try to keep you all in the loop as we go through the rest of the process.

Here’s a shot of the wall going down in the beginning of October

















As always, there are many things going on at once, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.





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