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We haven’t posted any farm happenings in a while, but there’s always a bunch going on here. People have been asking us about the state of the farm during this drought year. As of right now, we are way below our average rainfall but thankfully our springs are running, and for the next few months we should have more than enough water to power our farm. We are doing a lot of new and exciting things with our water system which we’ll dedicate an entire post to, but for now we just wanted to show you our fields!

First we have our healthy and booming kale field. We are steadily delivering cases to the Vipassina Center down the road and to our store. The aphids haven’t found this sweet spot of the farm yet so as Janis Joplin once said, “get it while you can”. Also on the same field is our slow growing Chard. We’re starting to bring a little at a time downtown.
kale field

Our Broccoli field looks more like a flower garden. It is, obviously, the end of the season, but instead of pulling out the plants, we’re leaving them in for ground cover and to attract beneficial insects. The field is buzzing with honey bees, native bees, butterflies, other insects and plenty of humming birds.

This field along with three others will be planted next week with potatoes. We’re testing the soil to see what amendments are needed before popping in 300 lbs of spuds. They’re going in the ground little late but we should still have enough water to bring them through to their harvest date in June.

The onion field is growing nicely. We are consistently thinning the crop and selling the green onions downtown. They should be full sized by May so enjoy them while they’re small.

Our field and a half of Garlic is happy. Not much to report other than we can’t wait to have some fresh garlic again! They are also harvested in May. Oh, and look out for garlic scape sauce again pretty soon.

We just planted a few rows of new strawberries. Our old crop was just too old. It’s best to replace strawberries every few years, especially when their production starts to go down. Last year we barely harvested any berries so it was time. Unfortunately a lot of the plants do better in their second year so this might be a low strawberry year again- but look forward to 2015!

We just pruned all of our fruit trees yesterday. Our three year old trees are vigorous and should produce some more apples, plums, nectarines and cherries. Most of our orchard is still young so high yields are down the road, but besides a few gopher kills, the trees are lookin’ great.
fruit trees

The Spinach House! This place is out of control. Every bed is PERFECT. We don’t want to brag, but look at this stuff. We couldn’t be happier.

Our salad greens are chugging away. There’s always baby greens sprouting and mature greens being harvested. Thank you salad lovers for keeping us busy. We’ll try to keep up with your demand!

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