Our Community Helps Fund our Store









Our plan to move our tiny membership co-op into a full store on main street has been in the works for over a year. The building we’re moving into needed a full facelift, and within the past six months we’ve stripped it almost completely. Now comes the entire remodel, and everything that comes with interior stocking and design. We quickly realized we would need help funding a project of this scale, and started looking at loan options. That’s when a family friend chimed in and told us about Indiegogo, a crowd funding site where friends and family can chip in. Basically, you post a video of your project idea, and viewers are able to contribute any amount they choose. In return, each funder receives a unique thank you gift chosen by us.

We were hesitant to embrace this idea at first. It’s uncomfortable to ask those around you for hand outs especially when many are having financial troubles themselves. What made us decide to go for it was the thought that hopefully everyone will benefit from our project. This will be a new space for everyone to visit in North Fork, and since the shop will be larger we’ll be carrying other goods grown and made by local producers and artists.

We figured out we would need $30,000 since we are quickly going into debt. It is a steep goal, and we still aren’t sure if we’ll make the full amount by the sixty day campaign deadline. Even though we are a little less than half way to our goal, we’ve received more in the way of support than we could have ever imagined. Almost everywhere we go, people have been approaching us to say how excited they are for the opening. We’ve received calls, emails, facebook messages and letters of encouragement and well wishing. Although we still want to keep momentum up for fundraising, it’s just as important to have verbal and emotional support. This project has shown us just how many people are behind us on this, and how lucky we are to live in such a warm and supportive community. Large farms are supported by subsidies, and that gives them the upper hand,  but there’s nothing like being supported by people you actually know and care about.

Thank you to all our supporters and contributors! See our campaign here.


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