School Garden News

school garden 2Today was a big day at the school garden. Our main two fields have been waiting patiently to be cover cropped while all of the kids were on a long holiday break. This week they were back and ready to plant. The older grades filled small cups with our cover crop mix containing vetch, peas and oats which were passed out to younger students who spread it over the field. The anxious kids surrounded the field with their cups waiting for Hansel’s command to walk and sprinkle seeds (which turns out to be more of a run and fling).

The real chaos ensued after the seeds were sown and it was time to mulch the field. Bales of hay were brought out and the kids ripped into them and grabbed heaping armloads. They hay was tossed onto the field and into others until the entire plot and group was covered. It was finished in minutes but kids continued to pick up what they just threw down just for the fun of doing it again. When the excitement finally died down the students tromped off the field, some with one shoe off emptying little piles of hay and soil. Everyone was a little winded and happy- perfect way to learn and work off some Friday afternoon energy at the same time.

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